Super Tetrahedral


Pattruss protects the shape of content gently.  Pattruss can be used as tray when opened.  

The innovative way of wrapping.


The Pattruss, Super Tetrahedral Packaging

Pattruss protects the shape of content gently.  Pattruss can be used as tray when opened.  

The innovative way of wrapping.

Freshness of leaf vegetables lasts long by sealeding air.

Protection for soft contents with air-filled truss structure.

Dual use.  Container for carrying, tray for eating.

The advantages of Pattruss

2007 The Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprises rewards

KASHIWA SATO  Art director

   --- Designing "How to wrap" ---

Something didn't exist though it could be exist.  Something which makes me think "why it did not exist."  That's a good design I believe.

"Pattruss" is not a so-called package design.  In fact, Pattruss is designing "how to wrap".

It is made from thin film which looks weak at a glance.  But actually its tetrahedral shape is strong against pressure and therefore protects content inside.  By opening the package from the center of one side, Pattruss changes its shape from the tetrahedron to the boat so that it can be used as a dish.

Pattruss is well considered for users and real world and structure itself is very simple.  Always, it is a nice feeling to open.

So, its awesome package it is.  This simple design might be applicable for various kind of things.

This time, Pattruss was awarded ass a package for leaf vegetables, but it can be good for snacks eg. potato chips, popcorn.  For the casual party, this package can be used as a dish so that it could be consumed at anywhere and overall garbage could be less.

With more involvement of graphics design, more interesting scenes could be opened.  There might be fun future that something beyond our imagination got be packaged.

Most surprisingly, this "Pattruss" was created by the people who produce leaf vegetables and also package up and sell them throughout.  Not a designer, not a package creator, but people who cares to provide vegetables to be chosen by convinced customers.  They might develop this gradually with trial and error caring about vegetables they produced by themselves and wanting to keep their vegetables from crushing and keep them looking good.

In fact, Pattruss solves various kinds of issue in well-thought way.  It makes me rethink what is designing and what is good design.  Pattruss let us to see the future lfe which is more convenient and simpler.

-----   Excellent article that I chose (Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization Edit   -----

-----   From Good Desing Award  Judge Comment No.7   Excerpt    -----

How to Open Pattruss