Pattruss Vegie is a bag for vegetables, which is made of transparent single-layer OPP film. Pattruss Vegie bag has lighter weight and lower cost comparing cram shell hard package. Due to its three-dimensional shape, the bag protects vegetables inside firmly and delivers it to the kitchen freshly. Size and design can be specified for your needs. With the eye-catching tetrahedral shape, Pattruss flatters your vegetables on shelves in a show case. Pattruss Vegies is the first Pattruss products and has proven features.

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Pattruss Z (Zed) is a bag for vegetables, which has a resealable zipper and large capacity. This bag is based on transparent film and reusable. Consumers can consume content vegetables by little by little over time while taking Pa6russ in and out from a refrigerator. Pattruss Z keeps freshness of content vegetables for long period by its excellent durability and preservation features. In Japan, Pattruss Z is employed by Mitosaien and receiving a good reputation. Alion in Cyprus has employed Pattruss Z for their products and expanding the business in Europe.

Pattruss Deli is a bag for delicatessen food. It is based on multi-layer transparent OPP film and tenderly pack daily dishes like pickles. When opened by tearing off from the center of one edge, the bag changes its shape into boat-styled. It functions as a dish and allows to start eating quickly. It saves time to prepare dishes separately when you are busy or in outdoor activity. Smaller amount of garbage compared with clam shell hard package saves resources. Disposable dishes can be saved. Pattruss is earth-friendly by nature. The large convenience chain in Japan is selling Edamame pack and obtains favorable reputation.

Pattruss Snack is a bag for snack foods. This is made of aluminum deposited multi-layer film, which protects snack content from oxygen and light. At the time of eating, Pattruss bag transforms its shape. After tearing a bag to both sides, the large opening appears widely as it shaped like a boat so that making content good looking and easy to pick it up.

The semi-automatic sealing machine for Pattruss by Seal Industrial Co Ltd allows economical and efficient packaging work. By putting your content into the bag and set it to the belt on the machine, the machine does sealing and drop it into the cardboard box automatically. The production can be 40 bags per minutes at maximum. Small installation footprint and easy operation allows you to get started to use in short period.

The full-automatic packaging machine for Pa6russ by Furukawa Mfg Co Ltd (Old Rivers) allows efficient production line for delicatessen and snack foods. With the premade bag feeding, various op-ons are available including gas inclusion and direct printing on the bag. The 24 hours opera-on with 30 bags per minutes production speed allows you to build efficient factory. Fully automated laborsaving factory can be built with weighing machines and cartoning machines.

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